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Roading Projects

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This page contains information about the key roading projects that Council has planned for the district.
Updated: 18/06/2020 12:22 p.m.

The list of proposed projects is an indicator of the work which is planned during the next five to ten years.

Priorities may change and detailed information about each project will be added as the projects are confirmed.


Regent Intersection

One of Whangārei’s busiest intersections, in the Regent, between the Anglican church, New World and Countdown supermarkets will be re-surfaced over three nights (7pm-6am) between Tuesday 16 June and Tuesday 23 June.

Five streets - Mill Rd, Kamo Rd, Manse St, Bank St and Donald St converge at the intersection, carrying traffic coming from the north of our District into the city, and from the south of the city going north. Manse St also serves traffic to Whangarei Girls and Whangarei Boys high schools.

The old surface will be removed on the first night of the operation, traffic signal wiring will be installed on night two and on night three new paving will be laid.

Traffic control may involve small detours. Parking and access to driveways will be restricted at certain times during the work.


Mill Road repairs

Picture showing a map of the affected area. Road repairs will take place throughout 2020 on the section of Mill Road between the Bank Street intersection and Whareora Road.

The $1 million roading rehabilitation project will be done in stages and in night-time works to minimise disruption.

Letter drops with more detailed information will be made to affected properties.

Stage 1 – Kerb, channel and footpath replacement and drainage improvements between Brighton Road and Whareora Road.

Stage 2 - Kerb, channel and footpath replacement and drainage improvements between Mill Road/Nixon Street intersection and Bank Street/Manse Street intersection. The work is expected to take two months to complete.

Stage 3 – Rebuilding and sealing of the road between Brighton Road and Whareora Road. This work is expected to take around six weeks to complete.

Stage 4 – Rebuilding and sealing of the road between Mill Road/Nixon Street intersection and Bank Street/Manse Street intersection.

Because of the width of Mill Road, traffic will still be able to travel in both directions during the works, however there will still be some traffic delays.

Drivers should consider using alternative routes during stages two and three or alternatively allow for extra time to complete their journey.  


Maunu Road and Porowini Avenue Intersection

To view an update and timelines for the Maunu Road / Porowini intersection works, please follow the link below.

Porowini Avenue is still Open for Business

NB: This project has been extended and is expected to complete in 2020.
Picturing showing exiting left-only from Porowini Avenue to Maunu Road.

Porowini bridge at Maunu Road/Porowini Avenue is now down to a single lane left turning out of Porowini Avenue onto Maunu Road.

No turning traffic from Maunu Road into Porowini Avenue.

Businesses in the area remain open and keen for customers.


New footpath construction

Funding allocated for new footpath construction in the district and continuing streetscape upgrade programmes in Kamo and Onerahi.


Further Information

For information about scheduled roadworks in the District, follow the link below.

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If you would like further information about these projects, contact any of our Customer Service centres.



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