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Bus Services

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This page contains a link to information about the CityLink bus service in Whangarei.
Updated: 29/07/2019 9:35 a.m.

Local Bus Services

Local bus services are contracted to the Northland Regional Council.

They are funded by the Regional Council, the New Zealand Transport Agency and fares paid by passengers.

There are two bus services for the Whangarei District, which are detailed below.

CityLink Whangarei - Whangarei Central City and Suburbs

The CityLink Whangarei buses service the Whangarei Central City and suburbs.

Full details of routes, fares and timetables for the CityLink Whangarei services can be found on the CityLink Whangarei website. Follow the link below.

CityLink Whangarei

Bream Bay Link - Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, Waipu, Ruakaka, Whangarei

The Bream Bay Link bus service runs from Kaiwaka, Mangawhai, Waipu, Ruakaka and Whangarei and operates every Thursday from 1 August 2019.

Full details of routes, fares and timetables for the Bream Bay Link services can be found on the BusLink website. Follow the link below.


For further information about the local bus services, please view the Northland Regional Council's website.

Getting Around - Northland Regional Council

Bus shelters

We maintain bus shelters around the city on behalf of the Northland Regional Council. Maintenance includes repairs and removal of graffiti where it occurs.

Location of bus stops

Where bus stops and shelters are erected is based upon a number of criteria.

  • a list of proposed sites is compiled from the Northland Regional Council, the bus company and the public. These sites can be influenced by a change in bus routes or extra routes being included
  • passengers volumes are then considered – this can define the sort of shelter required
  • sufficient space available for pull off bays and space for a shelter
  • planning issues and timing to implement.

The planning issues are around consultation with the community on the proposed stops and consultation with any immediately affected parties where the proposed shelter is to be erected.  

InterCity Bus Services

InterCity operate New Zealand’s largest passenger transport network with the combined networks of InterCity, GreatSights and GrayLine.

Together InterCity and GreatSights connect to more than 600 destinations nationwide, with over 130 services every day.

InterCity offers quality point to point bus transport on modern vehicles at economic fares nationwide, with fares starting from just $1 (plus booking fee) on all services.

All their buses are equipped with free WiFi.

Phone number: (09) 583 5780


For more information and prices, please view the InterCity website.  




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