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Parking Tickets

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This page contains information about why and when parking tickets are issued and how to pay a parking fine.
Updated: 18/04/2019 3:12 p.m.

Payment of fines

Payment of parking fines or infringements can be made online using our secure online payments area.

For details of other payment methods, follow the link below.

Paying Your Bills

WOF and Registration Infringements 

Like most other territorial local authorities, Council has decided, for road safety reasons, to issue infringements for vehicle WOF or registrations that are not up to date.

Our parking contractor began issuing infringement notices on 1 July 2013. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Do other councils enforce these offences? 

Most other councils, including metropolitan cities similar to Whangarei, enforce these provisions.   

Does Council have the legal authority to issue infringement notices for these offences?

Yes. Council’s parking wardens are authorised by the Transport Act 1962 and the Land Transport Act 1998 to enforce these provisions. 

How are the fines set?

The fines are established by parliament. Council does not have the ability to change the amount.

Can I arrange time to pay?

Council does not enter into any arrangements for fines for infringement offences to be paid off. 

If the fine is unpaid after 56 days, like all parking and dog infringements, the infringement is lodged with the District Court.

At this stage you may be able to arrange a time to pay plan with the Court.  Court costs will be added to the fine.

Can I write in to have the infringement cancelled?

Yes. Explanations must be in writing and will generally only be accepted and infringement notices cancelled when there are compelling reasons, such as:

  • the circumstances  which led to the offending were outside the control of the driver; or
  • the enforcement officer or the organisation issuing the warrant or registration has made a mistake.

Please quote your vehicle registration plate number and the infringement number.  If you wish, you can use the explanation form below.

Parking Explanation form [97kb]

What if the registration was paid online and I am waiting for the registration slip?

Favourable consideration will be given to cancelling the infringement.   

Parking Infringements 

Parking tickets are issued when:

  • a vehicle parks in a restricted parking area
  • a vehicle parks for longer than the maximum authorised time in a paid parking area
  • a parking ticket isn't purchased in an area where one is required
  • a vehicle does not display a current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) sticker
  • a vehicle does not display a current registration sticker. 

'Pay and Display' parking is commonplace in central Whangarei and parking signs show the time restriction where it applies. You have five minutes to obtain a pay and display receipt before your vehicle is considered to be parked.

For details about the location of car parks and restricted parking areas in Whangarei, select from the links below.

Car Parks Parking Restrictions

Faulty ticket dispensers

If a ticket dispenser fails to print a display ticket, please contact us to log the fault. We will give you a reference number to quote if you should receive a parking ticket.

If you do receive a parking ticket, please write to us and include:

  • the date and time you tried the ticket dispenser
  • the date and time you reported the fault to us
  • the reference number you were given
  • the ticket dispenser number
  • the infringement notice number.

Understanding your 'Pay and Display' ticket

Your ticket gives you the following information:

  • name of the street or the carpark and the dispenser the ticket was purchased from
  • the time period the parking is paid for
  • the day and time the ticket is purchased
  • the fee that has been paid into the ticket dispenser.

Parking overstaying fees

The fees for overstaying the display ticket expiry time has are charged incrementally.

  • $10 - not more than 30 minutes
  • $14 - more than 30 minutes but less than an hour
  • $20 - more than one hour but less than two hours
  • $30 - more than two hours but less than four hours
  • $34 - more than four hours but less than six hours
  • $57 - more than six hours.

Understanding your parking ticket

Your ticket gives you the following information:

  • the ticket details; number, day, date and time issued
  • your vehicle details; registration, type and make
  • the street and location where the vehicle was parked
  • the start and end time of the offence, noted by the parking officer
  • the type of restriction
  • the offence committed. 

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