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Parking Ticket Review

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This page contains information about how to request a parking ticket review and the process we follow for a review and appeal.
Updated: 5/12/2018 3:23 p.m.

How to request a parking ticket review

A brief summary of your legal rights is outlined on the back of the parking ticket. Read it carefully together with the following information to find out if you would benefit from appealing your parking ticket.

We seek to be fair and we will consider matters that you raise with us about the circumstances in which you received a parking ticket.

If you wish to appeal, please write to us with your request. Favourable consideration is given to the following:

  • you had an medical emergency that prevented you from removing your vehicle
  • your vehicle was broken down and you could not remove it
  • your vehicle was stolen
  • you were detained by the Police.

We need supporting documentation for any of these reasons.

Download the explanation form by following the link below, complete it and send it to us.

Parking Explanation Form [127kb]

Other reasons may not be sufficient for a review. These include:

  • you lost track of time or an appointment took longer than expected 
  • you did not see the parking sign
  • you did not understand the parking sign
  • you have a parking permit but it was not displayed at the time
  • you went to get change for the parking dispenser (taking longer than five minutes)
  • your display ticket or permit was not displaying correctly ie not easily visible
  • you had to use the toilet
  • you were picking up or dropping off a passenger
  • other vehicles were parked illegally or inconsiderately.

The review process

We take several factors into consideration, including the law, the impact on other road users, the facts on the parking ticket and the circumstances outlined in your review request. We also look at supporting documents such as photographs, witness statements and delivery documents.

After considering all available information, we make a decision to either cancel or proceed with the infringement notice. A response letter or email is then sent to the customer.

The review process can take up to fifteen working days. During this time, please do not pay the infringement fee. We will advise whether the infringement has been withdrawn or if it must be paid.

Contact us if you have had no response from us after fifteen working days.

Lodging at Court

Infringement notices can be lodged at Court for two reasons:

  • you have requested a court hearing or made a written submission to Court
  • the fee was unpaid after the final payment date on the reminder notice.

If the infringement notice was lodge at Court as it was unpaid, it has already had an extra $30 lodgement fee added. A further $100 wil be added if payment is not made within 28 days and the Court takes enforcement action.

If you believe the fine was paid before it lodged at Court, contact us as soon as possible. You will need to provide proof of payment.

Application for removal

You may be entitled to apply for the infringement notice to be removed from the Court and re-issed by Council, which will let you make payment without these extra costs or send us an explanation for us to consider.

Applications are only considered for limited reasons, which are outlined in the Summary Proceeding Act 1957, Section 78B.

Some of these reasons are:

  • the reminder notice was sent to the wrong address. (You will need to include proof that you have updated the Motor Vehicle Register)
  • NZ Post has confirmed a mail delivery problem
  • the ownership of the vehicle was changed before the infringement occurred. (You will need to include proof that you have updated the Motor Vehicle Register)
  • a customer requested an infringement review but did not receive a response. (Must have made an attempt to follow up before the final payment date had passed).

You will need to contact the Ministry of Justice to request a Form 57.

Summary Proceeding Act 1957, Section 78B (NZ Legislation website) Opens in a new window.

Ministry of Justice website. Opens in a new window.

For further information about the fines process, follow the link below.

Fines, Reparation and Civil Debt (Ministry of Justice website) Opens in a new window.

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