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Blue Green Network Strategy

Whangarei’s Blue/Green Network Strategy is an exciting document that combines infrastructure, ecological restoration and urban design to bring our waterways and greenspace into the heart of the City.
Updated: 2/07/2020 1:17 p.m.

The Blue / Green Network Strategy (adopted by Council in August 2016) aims to create an attractive and environmentally sustainable urban environment that also addresses threats from flooding and future climate change.

Blue / green networks are an innovative holistic way of planning based around waterways (blue), planting and parks (green). These are managed together through a combination of infrastructure, ecological restoration and urban design to connect people and nature across the city.

The strategy focuses on four themes which are:

Theme 1

  • Enhancing and connecting our communities

Theme 2

  • Enhancing ecosystem services and ecological connectivity

Theme 3

  • Providing opportunities for economic development

Theme 4

  • Protecting our communities from natural hazards

The Strategy identifies three main waterways as primary corridors providing the greatest opportunity for recreational and commuter pathways and economic development. They are the:

  • Hatea River,
  • Raumanga Stream and
  • Waiarohia Stream.

Work around minor waterways would focus on creating creating ecological corridors that support biodiversity and increase public amenity throughout the city. Cross city connections will link suburbs away from waterways with greenspace, schools and other facilities.

Implementing the Strategy would reduce the problems caused by flooding, enhance and help to restore ecological corridors and stream edges, improve water quality, increase “sense of place”, and connect people and places together.

It would also seek to respect and provide acknowledgement of Maori cultural and spiritual values and may also lead to economic development and an increase in tourism opportunities.

Implementing the Blue / Green Network would occur over several decades as funding becomes available and opportunities arise.

The Strategy provides a vision and a guide to ensure that all the benefits of a Blue/Green Network are realised over time.

Blue / Green Network Strategy [9.1mb] 



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