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COVID-19 Response Strategy

This page contains information about the COVID-19 Response Strategy, which is focused on economic recovery and our local businesses.
Updated: 13/05/2020 6:24 p.m.

The purpose of this strategy is to outline Whangarei District Council's response to the impacts of COVID-19.

The strategy will provide an overview of the likely impacts on the Whangārei economy, and in particular, sectors likely to be hardest hit and take the longest to recover.

The strategy will then set out key tools which Council can use to support the recovery of our local economy.

Finally, the strategy will provide a framework of actions which are integrated across the various functions and responsibilities of Council.


It is important to outline what is in scope:

  • interface between Council and the business community in the District
  • levers that Council can pull to enable economic recovery in the District
  • medium-term and long-term actions

The scope of this strategy is focused on economic recovery and our local businesses. However, the strategy acknowledges the link between the wellbeing of businesses and our community wellbeing.

The following matters fall outside of the scope of this strategy:

  • responses included the 2020-21 Annual Plan
  • health impacts of COVID-19
  • our organisational transition out of lockdown
  • functions or responsibilities of other agencies and organisations, e.g. central government

The strategy will inform ongoing decision making by Council.

To view the full draft COVID-19 Response Strategy, please follow the link below:

COVID-19 Response Strategy [2.1mb]


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