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Whangarei Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy

This page contains information about the 2019 - 2028 Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy - He Rautaki Toi ā Rohe ō Whangārei.
Updated: 22/10/2019 11:36 a.m.

​To ensure the best outcomes for arts, culture and heritage continue into the future, Whangarei District Council tasked Creative Northland to develop the Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy - He Rautaki Toi ā Rohe ō Whangārei, for 2019-2028. 

The Strategy is a partnership between Creative Northland, the arts, culture and heritage community, and Whangarei District Council.

It was developed through surveys, consultation hui, focus groups and one-on-one meetings with artists and their representative organisations. It was adopted by Council in September 2019, following a final round of feedback.

The Strategy provides a framework for the arts, culture and heritage sector in the district for the next ten years.

It aims to build on the region's artistic, cultural and heritage strengths and set out a path towards realising the social, economic and environmental benefits that creativity brings to Whangārei.

The Strategy includes an action plan including six goals, eighteen objectives spanning the next 10 years but with a particular focus is on what can be achieved in the next three years. The action plan is a living document that will be updated every 3 years.

It determines priorities and accountability for different groups in the arts sector, and provides clear pathways that each of us - local authority, regional arts body, and the community - can participate in and contribute to, to ensure the success of the Strategy.

Whangarei Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy

Follow the link below to download the Strategy.

Whangarei Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategy [5mb]

Contact Creative Northland

If you would like to be involved in delivery of any of the Strategy's goals and objectives, please contact the team at Creative Northland.

Creative Northland



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