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Active Recreation and Sport Strategy

This section contains information about the Active Recreation and Sport Strategy.
Updated: 25/06/2019 9:28 a.m.

The draft Active Recreation and Sport Strategy was developed by Whangarei District Council, Sport New Zealand and Sport Northland working in partnership and talking to the community.

For this strategy, we mean something you do for your fitness or for fun that gets your heart rate up like, waka ama, rugby, dance, bowls or skateboarding.


The aim of the strategy is to identify and prioritise active recreation and sport needs across our District.

We want to make sure that our communities and visitors have the right spaces and facilities in the right places.

This includes places that are fit for purpose and adaptable for our growing and changing District.

We have created this draft document that will provide useful advice and guidance for active recreation and sport stakeholders, community organisations, Council and funding agencies, to refer to when making future investment decisions. 

The community feedback received from four surveys and over 30 face to face meetings across the district have guided the draft document. If you would like to know what the rest of the community told us, you can also read the summary of feedback document:

Summary of Findings to Stakeholders (Draft) [302kb]

Feedback period

The feedback period is now closed.  

We had a 6-week feedback period between 24 April 2019 and 21 June 2019.

To view the Active Recreation and Sport Strategy summary report, follow the link below.

Active Recreation and Sport Strategy Summary Report [1.36mb]

Thank you to everyone who submitted their feedback to us. The Project Working Group will present the feedback to our Elected Members with recommended amendments. Once the document is finalised it will go to Whangarei District Council for adoption.

At that point it will be used to inform Council’s 2021-2031 Long Term Plan (LTP) and will be updated every 3 years.



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